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What we provide that no one else does...​

  • Professionally train your staff to sell/upsell cigars with ease

  • Offer the lowest, true wholesale prices - look no more

  • Depending on the volume of sale, we offer tremendous free perks for our Bulk purchasers

  • Create a cigar inventory specifically for your customers based on your targeted demographics

  • Create strategic menus that dramatically improve sales

  • Provide consulting, set everything up & optimize sales through careful venue analysis


What we provide ...​

  • Professionally trained Cigartenders will assist guests with cutting, toasting and lighting the Cigars

  • Offer the best quality and variety of Cigars - look no more

  • Create a cigar selection specifically for your guests

  • Create menus Cards with description of the Cigars for the evening

  • Provide Cigar Accessories like Cutters, Lighters , Ashtrays and props that dramatically add value to the evening.

Make your selection

  • Before you select a package, you should consider the number of people that will attend the event and you should identify groups among the attendees:

  • Non-smokers (will take a cigar for someone they know who smokes cigars)

  • Novice & beginner smokers

  • Recreational or seasonal smokers

  • Connoisseur and aficionado smokers (these will always want more than one Cigar…)

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