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"Understanding the Distinction: Medium Bodied vs. Medium Strength of a Cigar"

One of the confusion a new cigar smoker has, is what cigar to go for. All the new jargons like light bodied, mild strength , ring gauge, length etc add to the dilemma.

Cigars can vary in body, strength and flavour, and it can be hard to know which is right for you.

Let us see, when we say Body vs Strength of a Cigar, what it signifies.

Strength of a Cigar

Strength of a Cigar

The strength of a cigar is classified as

  • Mild

  • Medium

  • Bold

This categorisation has nothing to do with taste or flavour, but simply how much nicotine the cigar holds.

Cigar strength is a relative term because we all react differently to nicotine according to our tolerances, elapsed time of last meal, etc. Stronger cigars may give one the nicotine buzz or, if you’re smoking above your tolerance levels, the negative side effects of nicotine sickness. If you experience nausea, sweating, headaches or dizziness, you’ve probably smoked a cigar that was stronger than you prepared for.

Smoking a strong cigar on a full stomach can be helpful but for starters, you'd probably be wise to avoid anything described as full-flavoured, powerful or strong.

Body of a Cigar

The depth of a Cigar is what is termed as the body of a cigar.

A cigar’s body is perceived in how its flavour impacts your palate and your senses. A full bodied cigar's flavour profile will linger on your taste buds longer and with more vibrancy than a milder cigar. They tend to be more spicers on the palate.

A Cigar can be described as:

  • Light

  • Medium

  • Full

You can have a mild cigar with a lot of flavour and a full-bodied cigar with very little flavour. The smoke from a mild cigar would be light on the palate and the smoke from a medium-bodied cigar would be have more flavour too. A full-bodied cigar would have stronger tobaccos, taste much more robust on the palate, may even be more complex in flavour, and perhaps be a little spicier as well.

Strength is a reflection of a cigar’s nicotine content – cigars with more nicotine are stronger. A cigar’s body refers to the density of its smoke and how it resonates on the palate. Strength does not indicate the flavour of a cigar; a mild cigar can have just as much of a flavour profile as a full-bodied cigar.

One cant go wrong with a Mild Cigar as they are well-balanced in terms of flavour and smoothness.



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