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Download Film Kung Fu Master Jet Li [April-2022]




17 inches shorter than the “normal” Chang, Kei is training with Push-Down Martial Arts, the distinctive form from the comic books. To better conceal his smaller stature, Kei has modified his wardrobe and developed a new martial arts style. He seeks the help of his old friend and former CIA agent Mike Chang (Russell Wong). This leads him on a journey to China, where he will meet a motley crew of characters, including his first romantic interest, Amy Tan (Barbara Parkins), and the villainous black-tongued Black Fox (Brad Dourif). This is all part of Kei's mission to overthrow the corrupt emperor. Cast Jet Li as Chang Mo Kei/Gangster King / Kei Brad Dourif as Black Fox / Fox Barbara Parkins as Amy Tan Russell Wong as Mike Chang Production In March 2005, it was announced Jet Li would star in a Chinese film, loosely based on the comic book series. In May 2005, it was announced the film would be called "Crazy Kung Fu" and it would be distributed by Global Vision. The film was planned to begin shooting in June 2005 in Wuhan, Hubei. Jet Li stated: "I'm very excited to be working with such a talented and creative group of people. Crazy Kung Fu is a movie that has been a dream come true for me and I hope you'll all enjoy it." Director Kavita Krishnamurthy described the film as a "distinctly different take on the kung fu genre". Box office Crazy Kung Fu was released in China on 4 June 2006, and in the United States on 20 May 2007. Soundtrack Crazy Kung Fu features an album soundtrack, released on 20 July 2007. The music was composed by John Frizzell and the lyrics were composed by David Anthony Kraft. Reception Crazy Kung Fu grossed () at the box office in China. Critical response Crazy Kung Fu has received mixed reviews. It currently holds a rating of 57% on the film review website Rotten Tomatoes. The Hollywood Reporter's chief critic wrote, "There's not a great deal of suspense or action here, and it's nice to see that the traditional, classical stories from the comics have been translated into vivid 3D, but the whole thing does tend to lapse into a kind of bored silliness."




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Download Film Kung Fu Master Jet Li [April-2022]

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